Friday, February 28, 2014


So here I am trying to start a new year off right. I know it's already March, but it took me two months of convincing myself that I have something meaningful to share, and I shouldn't hesitate to do so. With that being said, there goes my first post. I thought it would be more than appropriate to tell you guys some random facts about myself, so you can have a better understanding of who I am as a person. There is no special order of importance over here, although from the info I'll share today, hopefully you'll learn what this blog is going to be about.

Without further ado, here it goes. Enjoy!

1. I love to travel. If I could do it for a living, I wouldn't hesitate to do so. Any time there's an opportunity to visit a friend, I'm the first one to go. Although I always go exploring unprepared, I learned that the best way of getting to know the new place is by spontaneously wandering the streets and having random conversations with locals.

2. If I had to name my favorite American city, I would have to say San Francisco. No explanation needed.

3. I'm a serious leopard print lover. I'll need to devote a separate post to it, my animal print collection is too impressive not to share.

4. I'm a tea addict. I used to drink coffee in the morning just like everybody else, but felt like it wasn't doing anything for me anyway. Because a tea can have the same effect on you giving you that much needed kick start in the morning (plus many many other benefits), I had no problem jumping on a tea wagon.

5. As far as my wardrobe goes, black and grey are almost always the right answer for me. It's neat, flattering, comfortable and very me. However, as one of my new year's resolutions, I'm trying to add more color. We'll see how it goes.

6. I always wanted to be a blonde, never quite achieved that goal, though. I've had red, orange, yellow, all shades of dark on my head, but never what I really wanted. My current ombré hairstyle is probably the closest to blond I've ever been and I'm loving it.

7. Talking about addictions... I have a major sweet tooth! A day without sweets is definitely a lost one for me. I know, it's a problem. (Actually, it's not, cause it makes me extreeeeemely happy)

8. Another obsession of mine, photobooths. I never pass an opportunity to snap some pictures with whomever I find beside me. These things bring me so much joy + it's an affordable addiction!

9. My guilty pleasure? Although it's one of the celebrity gossip sites, I don't visit it for that particular matter. For some strange reason I find a lot of inspiration looking at photos of famous people. Hollywood and the whole entertainment industry has always seemed very appealing to me. Don't get me wrong. I don't find anything attractive in reading gossips about somebody else's lives and try to steer clear from that. I simply like to observe a different kind of lifestyle that I don't get to experience. I know it may sound ridiculous, but it makes sense for me and I love it.
Go checkout the website, you'll see what I mean. Their approach is quite different than anything else.

10. Last but not least, you may ask... Have I ever encountered any celebrities myself? To answer this question, I have to mention once again that I come from Poland, so to come across a celebrity from America is not a usual thing. In fact, in over one year and a half of traveling and living in the States I have not seen anybody famous (of course I'm not including events such concerts, Thanksgiving Parades or this one time when I believe Alicia Keys passed me on the streets of New York and everybody thought I'm just being delusional). I am talking about strictly coming across a person you know from the big screen by an accident. So yes, it has happened to me, and it happened while I was still in Poland. I was volunteering at the time at the OFF Plus Camera International Festival of Independent Cinema being an assistant to one of our important guests. One of the main judges coming from the overseas was Josh Radnor (most recognized for playing Ted in How I Met Your Mother). Long story short, I tried to attend one of his interviews that was supposed to be opened for public, but they run out of space. I didn't make it. To my surprise, the day was not over yet. I did manage to get a close up of Josh when I ended up at one of the afterparties (being an assistant didn't hurt after all). Of course being fairly shy, I didn't come up to talk to him. I like to think I just gave him his well-deserved space :)

There you go! 10 random facts about me.
 I hope now you got a sense of who I am and you will stay tuned for more!

Talk to you soon,

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