Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Looking for a perfect little white dress for summer? I've got one for you!

I think some of my best purchases ever are pieces that I can style and wear for many different occasions. Today's little number is definitely one of them! This Newchic little white dress is perfect for summer events (day or night), graduation (just how I did - see it on my Instagram), birthdays, and I think the most obvious - an engagement, bridal OR bachelorette parties! 

I think one of the reasons why this dress is so perfect for all those occasions is because it is more conservative in the front, and a little more fun in the back! Is there anything sexier than lace details and an 'open' back?!

I will, however, add that this Newchic dress is more on a cheap side, meaning it looks great (granted you get the right fit), but its quality is definitely not top notch. As pretty as the lace looks, it is very delicate. But then again, if you plan on wearing this dress to your bachelorette party, you would more than likely get it ruined anyway after a long night of partying. Just saying... #shameless 

Fact: I am the first one to admit that most of my clothes are bargains = not the best quality items BUT some great looking pieces. Having said that, if you take care of your wardrobe right, who cares it didn't cost a fortune. You still win. ;)

Now I want to hear from you... What occasion would you wear this little white dress to? 

photography by Gregg Rosner

Have a great week!


Disclaimer: Newchic did send me the dress for review purposes, but all expressed opinions are honest and my own.

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