Monday, February 29, 2016


So here we are, two years into blogging. And what a fun ride it has been!

Whenever I think about my growth as a blogger, I cannot stop being thankful for all of you, my readers. This surely wouldn't be the same experience, if I was creating content regularly but you weren't here to see it! Don't get me wrong, I would still be blogging, I love photography, traveling, fashion too much not to share it with the world. Nevertheless, it's always good to know someone appreciates what you do. 

For years to come, I only hope to connect with more and more of you. Maybe even meet in person?! (Any DE, PA or NY bloggers who'd like to connect?). I'm sure we could have a lot of fun together. ;)

I'll leave it right here. If you'd like to see my first post ever on Shenaniganska, click HERE. It's interesting to go back and see what you create when you start something new. Today, I would change a lot about that post. Just aesthetics though. The content will always stay true to what it is.

PL: Kochani, dzisiaj wybija dokladnie dwa lata odkad zaczelam blogowanie! Dziekuje serdecznie kazdemu z osoba za czeste odwiedziny i obserwowanie tego co robie. Bez was ten blog z pewnoscia niebylby taki sam! Osobiscie uwielbiam dzielic sie swoimi pasjami z wami, odkrywac wasze blogi i wspierac wzajemny przeplyw pozytywnej energii! Jedyne o czym marze to by moc sie kiedys z wami spotkac na zywo ;) Chcielibyscie? (Jesli mieszkacie w okolicach Pensylwanii, Delaware tudziez Nowego Jorku, dajcie konieczne znac!)

 photography by B.F. Imagery / Ben Fulton Jr.

 Thank you for following along!

I hope to see you here, on my Facebook and Instagram SOON!

With love,

Friday, February 26, 2016


With spring upon us, I'm already thinking of putting together new outfits! Hey, anything to take my mind off that awful winter-ishhh weather! I'm so ready for warmer (longer) days!

Friday, February 19, 2016


Today, I'd like to take you back to San Francisco where I left my heart for sure last summer!


Czytaj wiecej tutaj.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Last week I wrote all about my favorite faux fur vest, now it's time for a scarf!

This fall/winter season (faux) fur everything clearly dominated the market. You can see it on every single fashion blogger, and no wonder! Throwing on a faux fur scarf or a vest instantly elevates your look. Put it together with something simple and I guarantee, you will feel and look fabulous.  

Take my faux fur infinity scarf as an example. Can you believe I got this beauty for just $7 at Walmart?! If you ask me, it doesn't look cheap at all and the quality is amazing. And hey, if something doesn't look cheap and feels amazing, then why pay more for it... am I right?!

photography by Ben Fulton, Jr. / B.F. Imagery

Walmart faux fur infinity scarf
H&M moto jacket
Hot Kiss Clothing jeans
Forever 21 boots

Sunday, February 7, 2016


It's been a while since my last Instagram update, so today I've got quite a winter recap for you!

Between my winter break in Texas, the move, going back to school and starting a new job, I also found the time to snap a few pictures. If you still haven't made your way to my INSTA profile, please go ahead and say hi! Also, I would love to check out your accounts, so leave your Instagram handles (plus any other socials) in the comment section and I'll make sure to follow you. Let's be friends!

PL: Kochani! Minal juz jakis czas odkad opublikowalam ostatni Instagramowy post, wiec dzisiaj powtorka z rozrywki. Duzo sie dzialo w ostatnich dwoch miesiach mojego zycia, jednak zawsze znajdzie sie czas na zdjecia! Jesli jeszcze nie udalo wam sie zawedrowac na moj profil Instagramowy, zapraszam serdecznie! Bedzie mi milo jesli zostawicie rowniez nazwy swoich kont, bym mogla was odwiedzic i wzajemnie obserwowac. W grupie weselej!

jacket: Forever 21 | turtleneck: Old Navy | pants: H&M | sneakers: New Balance

Even though this picture was a winter throwback from last year, I still pretty much live in all of those pieces!
Zdjecie z ostatniego roku, jednak nadal nosze wszystkie z tych rzeczy na porzadku dziennym. :)

Don't be fooled that I'm not wearing a jacket... It was one of those beautiful winter (crazy Delaware) days when the temperature decided to jump to high 50s... Can't complain, perfect for a photo shoot!

Niech was nie zwiedzie ta masa sniegu... W tym roku pogoda dopisuje figle i w dzien zdjec udalo nam sie zlapac piekne slonce i okolo 15 stopni. W styczniu!

This look is all about my favorite (staple) wintery pieces. A (faux) leather moto jacket from H&M, over the knee boots from Forever 21, uber comfy leggings/jeans from Hot Kiss Clothing, and two of the cheapest products ever that actually don't look cheap: aviators from Walgreens and the faux fur infinity scarf from Walmart! I'll be posting on this look soon, so stay tuned!

Moje ulubione rzeczy w jednej stylizacji. Niedlugy szczegolowy post na ten temat!

I'm all about that faux fur vest! Read more about it HERE.

Shirt: Hot Kiss Clothing | Sweater: Forever 21

My favorite color combo (if I'm wearing any color): grey and pink! And that t-shirt must be just about the comfiest shirt I own. P.S. We took that photo and many more at my school in one of the classrooms! Sometimes you gotta make the most of the little time you have, and that's exactly what we did!

Ulubiony zestaw kolorystyczny. Jesli kiedykolwiek decyduje sie na jakis kolor to wlasnie dominuja szarosci i roz.

Dress: Blue Faith Denim

Are you Valentine's Day ready?! This burgundy bodycon dress is a perfect little number for a lovely date!

Jedna z moich ulubionych sukienek, ktora idealnie zdaje sie na Walentynkowy wieczor.

One of those H&M fitting room sessions! I was looking for some business casual looks and came up with this pattern play outfit. The pants are actually from Old Navy, but I thought they would go perfectly with that purple print H&M shirt. I also came across this absolutely gorgeous suede dress that fit me perfectly, only to find out it was way over my budget! Turned out it was the only dress left, it was from the last year's collection, and I guess a $300 price tag scared away many more ladies before me...

Obowiazkowa sesja w przymierzalni H&M. Szukalam tego dnia ubran w stylu business casual do pracy, i wpadlam na taki zestaw z mieszanymi wzorami. Jak zwykle to bywa, jesli sie czegos nie szuka, to sie znajduje! I tak o to w moje rece wpadla rowniez ta piekna zamszowa sukienka, byla wprost idealna! Jednak jak sie dowiedzialam ile kosztuje (no coz, w koncu to byl prawdziwy zamsz), to niestety musialam sie z nia pozegnac. Ale zdjecie mam!

I hope you enjoyed this insight and behind the scenes look into my photos and life.

I look forward to scrolling through your Instagram profiles, so make sure you leave your handles below!

Mam nadzieje ze podobalo wam sie to Instagramowe sprawozdanie i kilka faktorwktore sie kryly pod moimi zdjeciami. Zostawiajcie swoje imiona zebym mogla i was odnalezc!

Monday, February 1, 2016


One of my favorite trends this winter season must be faux fur vests.



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