Saturday, September 27, 2014


A little tribute to summer, cause it seems like it just came back. Even if just for a weekend or so, I know I will be celebrating in an appropriate manner.
 Yes I'm talking about drinks on the patio, by the water and beach, too, because why not throw it in there.
 Beach is always a good idea. 
80 degrees in September is also a plus.

   Yes, these H&M pants are on repeat...They just go with everything I want to wear and never look boring. Here paired with an American Eagle muscle top.

Have a sunny embrace everybody!
Until next time...

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Today something for all of the pizza lovers ( which basically means everyone, anyway. Sorry, my gluten-free friends...) - Chicago-style pizza! It can either mean deep dish pizza or a stuffed one. To explain it best though is to just compare it to a pie (you can read all about that distinction HERE). Crust up to 3 inches, large amount of cheese and chunky tomato sauce plus lots of whatever else you choose to have on it..... ummm, hungry yet? 

We ended up in one of Chicago chains Giordano's that specializes in making those goodies. I believe we ordered one large Super Veggie stuffed pizza pie and it was more than enough for us, 3 girls.... Oh, now I want to go back in time an relieve this moment!

 Take a look yourself.

And a mandatory visit to Millennium Park right by Gordiano's pizza place.

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