Thursday, January 22, 2015

THROWBACK THURSDAY: sunset in Austin, Texas

You'are probably wondering why you have pictures of New York City in front of you when a post title says Austin, Texas. Well, while I mainly want to share with you my favorite sunset pictures from the latter city, I couldn't help but go even more back in time to show you those two pictures. Sunsets, in my opinion, are yet another beautiful things, which make life more interesting. They are also what make our memories memorable and so special. This particular pinkish sky over Manhattan was probably the most beautiful memory I have from the city so far. I almost felt like it wasn't real, it was so exquisite. And this is why I could not start this post without mentioning it first. What's my second favorite sunset? Well, now we can move on down South and see.
Zapewne zastanawiacie się dlaczego tytuł posta mówi o Austin w Teksasie, a ja dzielę się z Wami zdjęciami z Nowego Jorku. Cóż, nie mogłam nie zaczac tego wpisu od jednego z najpiękniejszych zachodów słońca jakiego byłam swiadkiem w swoim życiu, a to zawdzięczam własnie Nowemu Jorku. Różowe niebo nad Manhattanem to najprawdopodobniej moje najmilsze wspomnienie z tego miasta. Dlaczego? Ponieważ w takich chwilach jak ta, zdajesz sobie sprawę jak cos prostego jak zachód słońca sprawia, żżycie staję się tym piękniejsze. Te krótkie chwile zapisuja sie w pamięci na zawsze. I mimo że dzielimy to samo niebo z wieloma innymi ludzmi, ten moment jest tak osobisty, jakby to niebo było tylko nasze... Ot istota (prostota?) ów piękna. Drugim takim pamiętliwym zachodem słońca był wlasnie ten w Teksasie. Zobaczcie sami.

The location: Barton Springs. We were attending live summer concerts called Blues on the Green. Just try imagining being surrounded by your best friends, great music, wonderful summery atmosphere and well, this sunset.... It was magical!

Appreciate your sunsets, it's the small things that matter!



  1. Beautiful photos! That second shot is just amazing. Now I miss watching sunsets!

  2. Sunsets are dreamy, but I also have to devote more times to watching the sun rise! I' m sure it's just as beautiful.

    Have a wonderful week, Jeanne!


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