Saturday, August 8, 2015


Oh, what my life would be without traveling, I do not even want to imagine! This summer has been crazy with me being all over the place and I absolutely love it! Traveling two coasts back and forth may be daunting but to be able to get the most of those two places, see how your life can be different depending on where you live, is just precious to me.

This Instagram roundup is a bit overdue but I just wanted to collect all of the photos from the last three weeks to give you a better idea of what's been going on!

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My first weekend in San Francisco and I could not contain my excitement! I love this city wholeheartedly and can't stop imagining living there one of these days...
I wrote a whole post about this fun DRESSLINK palm tree print cut out top, you can read it here.

One of the many amazingly picturesque places in San Francisco - TWIN PEAKS. More photos here.

One of the looks that appeared on the blog and this one was quite a challenge! It's a bit out of my comfort zone to wear full on color outfit, not to mention pattern on pattern! Read more about it here.
Off to Cape Cod, Massachusetts!
I've been to Boston once before (read a post about it here) but this time it was in the summer and that makes such a different when you're on the East Coast! ;)
This year I got to do a fun photo shoot in Boston for my birthday and then celebrate the actual day on Cape Cod! Life doesn't get better than this! See more photos here.

10 days on Cape Cod meant many days spent on the beach, countless amounts of clam chowder, lobster rolls, seafood in general (!), and the most beautiful sunsets!
On my birthday we ventured out to Provincetown, Mass., for dinner. Short walk through the town resulted in finding many adorable houses, just like this one. 
The peacefulness of this place was everything I needed and more. For last few days we stayed at Chatham Bars Inn and it was wonderful. Keep an eye out for a full post about this place!
Back to the Napa Valley and life has never been better! 
Can I stay here forever?!


  1. that lobster roll looks AMAZING!!

    1. I know, I already miss the New England food!

  2. Really lovely Instagram photos! :) xx

  3. piekne zdjecia ♥

    Dziękuje za komentarz, będzie mi bardzo miło jeśli wpadniesz ponownie. Każdy komentarz i obserwacja mile widziana ♥ Miłego dnia i całej reszty wakacji xx

  4. just got back from travelling as well!!! love all these instashots!! :D

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  5. Such a beautiful photos!

    I really like your clothes and the place your shared in this post!

    1. Thank You so much! I'm so glad you stopped by and followed along! :)

  6. Your travel photos look absolutely amazing!! I've been the same way -- I can't stay in one place for too long! I'm actually currently in Boston, so it's especially nice to see your lovely photos from here :)


    Looks by Lau

    1. Can't wait to see your photos from Boston! Have fun, babe!

  7. Stunning pictures - I'm in awe of your travels! x

    The Belle Narrative

  8. Awesome Insta snaps, lady! :) You are quite the jet-setter!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. haha thanks, Ashley! Already bummed out the summer is almost over :(

  9. Great photos! XO
    -Lauren Blair

    1. Thank You so much, Lauren! Have a great day!


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