Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween '13 - BIG BIRD from SESAME STREET costume (tutorial)

Happy Halloween!

Yes, it's that time of year again and I bet everybody (at least kids) is elated. For this special spookylicious day I wanted to share one of my favorite costumes I ever got to wear! It was a DIY Big Bird costume and well, it was a hit! It took a little bit of planning (NOTE: those yellow feather boas are a little pricey, so I recommend buying them in advance off of Amazon or eBay to save a little money), but I couldn't be happier with results! See for yourself! And if by any chance you wanted to recreate that look, I have a little tutorial for you as well. Enjoy!

Here's what you will need:

- yellow dress of your choice
- 3-4 yellow feather boas
- orange high thigh socks
- used orange T-shirt (for the big bird's feet)
- pink/purple socks (for stripes on big bird's legs)
- yellow thread
- scissors
- pink and blue eye shadow

For the bird's body:

1. I got my dress at Goodwill. It was a perfect sleeveless dress for the costume, with a strap going around a neck. I cut off the strap and used it later to make gloves for bird's arms.
2. Take your yellow feather boas and saw them together around the dress.
3. Make sure you thoroughly cover the whole dress.


1. Like I mentioned before, I was lucky to have additional material from the dress and decided to use it for big bird's arms.
2. I simply cut two long stripes, made a hole for my fingers and tied the whole thing around my arms.
3. Also, I saw some leftover feathers to it.

For legs:

1. I got my orange high thigh socks off of Amazon. You can also use tights.
2. For the stripes going around bird's legs, I simply cut the colorful furry socks into stripes creating circles (just like rubber band or hair ties) that will easily stay on your legs. You will need about four stripes for each leg.
3. You can find another way to make your pink/ purple stripes. The reason I used furry socks is because they won't cut off any blood pressure on your legs. Make sure you find something that will be comfortable and save to wear around your legs.

For feet:

1. Cut sleeves off the shirt to use them as a support for top of bird's feet.
2. Then cut out a shape of bird's feet (3 fingers) from the rest of your orange shirt.
3. Make sure you cut out 4 samples of those fingers. You will need to saw 2 of them together and fill them with the rest of shirt's material or something of this sort, so the feet look big enough.
4. Cut two little holes on the bottom side of the big bird's foot and put a piece of material through it. This way you will easily tie the feet to your shoes and make sure they will stay in place.
5. At last, saw the top of the feet (that goes around you ankles) together with your bird's feet.

For make up:

1. The fun part. Big bird's eyes are blue on the bottom eyelid and pink above it. However, I'd say you can play with it according to what you like. Also, as seen in my picture, you can put more eye shadow or less, whatever you feel comfortable with.

P.S. Did I mention my tutorial was featured on today?!?!?!?!?!

Here's the link to the entry Team LC wrote:

My life is made!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy spooky Halloween!


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