Sunday, October 5, 2014

Polish Beauty 1.2

A few months ago I talked about some Polish pride. I meant to start those series, in which I would talk about people from my native country that inspire me, I look up to or simply am pride to say that they represent Poland through their work. Last time I talked about an internationally known top model (more about it HERE), today I want to acknowledge an actress.

With a heavy heart though, I have to say my reason for this post is not so happy. Today, October 5, we lost a beautiful individual way too early. Thankfully though, we are left with her work. I'll definitely remember.

Rest in peace, ANIA PRZYBYLSKA.

Ania along Cezary Pazura in Kariera Nikosia Dyzmy
Most of us will remember Ania as Marylka from a Polish tv series (or should I say soap opera) Zlotopolscy
source: Pinterest

What a sad, sad day for my country...


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