Friday, December 26, 2014


Happy post-Christmas Friday everyone! I hope you already recovered from a food coma and you're ready to face the weekend! What a great gift to have a longer holiday break this year. I know most of people take a cyber timeout from blogging and social media, but for me this is the first time I actually have time to sit down and create more content, so I'm going to take advantage of that. 

For those of you who don't remember, I've been posting about my cross country travel experience for a while. So far I've covered New York City, Chicago and I'm in the midst of writing about Nashville, Tenn. For your convenience, all you have to do to check the posts about those cities simply click on the TRAVEL category, which you can find on the right side. If you are looking for a particular post about any given city I'v covered, type in a search box the city you're looking for and voila! All the posts under the wanted label will pop up.

Now, back to Nashville. On one peculiar day, we happened to get a flat tire. All day was planned out, we where all packed to go hiking and then boom, flat tire. Five of us in the car, we had to come up with a new plan. Thanks to our wonderful host Stephen, we were quickly given plenty of ideas. Since it was only our third day in Nashville, we decided to pay a quick visit to downtown before we headed to eat some mouthwatering Southern food.

Here's few snapshots from our riverfront walk overlooking the city.

Dowtown Nashville on the left, LP Field (home field of the NFL's Tennessee Titans and the Tennessee State University Tigers) on the right, Cumberland River in the middle.

I'm currently working on translating all of my posts to Polish, as I know the translate button doesn't work really great when it comes to all of written content. Some people (yes, including my mom :)) are having trouble with understanding what the post is about, so here I am. All I ask for is to please, bear with me, because it might take a while! .... I also have to brush up on my Polish, too! ;)

Enjoy the weekend!


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