Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Don't forget where you come from

Good morning!

If you've seen my latest post (HERE), then you are already familiar with this look.
 Today, though, I have for you a little close up and a back story of the main focus of this outfit:


And this particular piece of clothing has a lot of meaning to me for a number of reasons...

First of all, it was a gift. It has arrived to me from nowhere else than my motherland - Poland, and what's more, it was from my brother.

 Isn't there something really special in knowing your loved ones are thoughtful enough to send you things, they know you'll love? Or of what you might simply miss? All the way from another continent?! Since I haven't seen my family face to face in almost three years now, anything I receive from them, I consider sacred.

Another reason why it's good to have this shirt in my possession is pretty simple.  In 2014, my country was represented by musicians Donatan & Cleo with a song My Slowianie (We Are Slavic) at the Eurovision Song Contest (an annual song competition within, primarily, the member countries of European Broadcasting Union). Even though we didn't win that year, I thought that our representation was finally fresh and different with a nice splash of humor ;)

You can watch the whole video HERE.

Anyway, the point of the story is that the female singer, Cleo, wore the exact t-shirt (by Diamante Wear) I'm presenting you today. I hope you love it as much as I do!

 P.S. You can shop it HERE.

Diamante Wear T-shirt (HERE)
ROSS maxi skirt
Forever 21 statement necklace (HERE)


  1. You look stunning my dear, your shirt + skirt look amazing on you! Aww, you are lucky to have such a great brother! I thought you live all together in US. My family lives in Germany and uncle, cousins...in Romania.
    Btw, I used to watch every year Eurovision Song Contest hehe :)

    1. Thank You, Lara, for all of your compliments! Yes, my whole family lives in Poland, so I guess you know the feeling! Sometimes I get homesick, but I get to make my dreams come true in America, so it's all worth it!
      P.S. I used to watch it, too, back in the day when it was still good :P

      Much love to you, my dear!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you my dear for your compliment! And for stopping by!

      Have a great weekend!

  3. Youre fotos are amazing ! ♥ (Are you from Poland)??


    1. Aww thank You, darling! Yup, born and raised, moved to America almost three years ago :)

      Thank You for stopping by! :* Have a great weekend!

  4. przepiękne zdjęcia! Marzą mi się zdjęcia "w" magnoliach ale nigdzie w pobliżu nie ma ;c
    zapraszam! http://devantlalentille.blogspot.com/

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