Thursday, November 13, 2014

STEAL OF THE WEEK: Forever 21 fall staples

So about that outfit I mentioned in my recent post (here). It mostly consists of Forever 21 pieces, which usually, ummm - always - means AA. Affordable & Adorable. If you're on a budget like me, this is THE place to go. I get ask about what I'm wearing a lot and my answer is usually Forever 21 (to the point when it's kind of embarrassing). I mean, you can basically assume I always have something on from that store, I like it so much. Forever youuuung y'all!

Fall staple #1: A jacket. What can I say, I love absolutely everything about that piece.

Color: a darker tone of green perfect for the current season.                                           
Style: off center front zipper - if I could have it in all my jackets, I would.                       
Details: faux leather sleeves. Add an interesting twist.                                                    
Price: total bargain - $12!  

I wrote a post about this particular jacket last winter, so you can read more about it (here).                                                                                         
Fall staple #2: thigh high socks. Like I mentioned in my previous post, you can trick people into thinking you are wearing over the knee boots, if you simply pair your knee high boots with these socks. I swear, from a distance it is hard to tell a difference. And even if you can, so what? It still looks adorable. The ones I got were only about $6 and are definitely something I would recommend to everybody. You can find similar ones here and here.

Fall staple #3: knee high boots. I'm obsessed with them. Such a good score. More about them (here).

Sorry, had to squeeze some goofy photos, too.
Gray knit sweater is from H&M (another wonderful affordable option for your shopping spree). 
Lacey shorts were also a bargain and I found them at TJ Maxx. $14? Talking about a steal!

Few other great fall jacket options from Forever 21 (off-center front zipper only!):

1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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