Sunday, August 24, 2014


When, oh when, will I be able to ditch all of the winter clothes and move on to my favorite stuff! As you can probably already tell, I am not the biggest fan of winter season... Therefore, today I'm doing some wishful thinking and creating ideas for some outfits for warmer days (my prayers may be answered as soon as the new week rolls in... weather forecasts are full of promise).

Moving on to outfits ideas, here's one boho chic dress that I've purchased a while ago and still didn't get a chance to wear (since it's a dress and I'm also not the biggest fan of tights...).

 The boho style dress ( from Target - gotta love a good bargain) and I just love how adding some thighhigh socks ( Forever 21 - forever a good deal) can give an outfit a bit of an edge. I paired it up with my favorite ( H&M ) jacket, but I feel this outfit would look good with some denim jacket as well ( to break up the darkness ).

Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend and are getting some sun with the new week coming! I sure know I could use some right now.


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