Sunday, August 24, 2014

West Village, Manhattan

Good morning! Yes, we are still in Chicago ( that's my office for now...), but today I'm continuing with post from New York! West Village was another beautiful neighborhood I visited and have to rave about! Even though I spent there only a brief moment (right after I finished hanging out in the High Line Park - more about it HERE), I came across some things I want to share with you ( no, this time I didn't spot any celebrities.... Although I'm pretty sure I passed some of their apartments on my way through the city.... Doesn't it count for something?!).

Once again, I was impressed with architecture, but this time, there was something else that caught my attention. COBBLESTONE STREETS! If you've been to New York more than once, you know this is not a typical sight! Concrete jungle is all there is to it. What a beautiful surprise! I felt back at home, where streets in old cities, like Cracow or my hometown Rzeszow burst with cobblestone streets ( though, it's a pain if you have to walk on it with your HiGH high heels on....think late nights, %clubbing% walking back home... Good times!!!) Anyways, again, for New York, I thought it was very unique!

Now another reference to people that live or have been to Cracow. Doesn't this picture reminds you of Kazimierz (old Jewish neighborhood) ? Plac Nowy? Anyone?

Where's Sarah Jessica Parker???



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