Thursday, August 14, 2014

Throwback Thursday : my cross-country experience

We meet again!
It's been over 2 weeks, since we got back home from our cross-country adventure, I guess it's high time to start reminiscing about and Throwback Thursday seems to be a perfect opportunity to kick off posts about our trip. But honestly... where to begin? So much has happened, I'm having a hard time getting through over two thousand photos...

... New York City seems pretty much covered. And really, our first real stop was beautiful CHI-TOWN! We spent there 3 days with the loveliest people possible and it's only fair to do them justice by writing a post about them! You're gonna have to wait another day, though. It has to be perfect, on point, polished, whatever you want to call it. So stay tuned!

How beautiful is that scenery?! Oh Chicago, take me back! (By the way, what a cliché for a Polack to say hahaha....)

Talk to you tomorrow!


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