Friday, June 6, 2014


While I still have to wait another month to be reunited with my dear camera, I decided it's a good time to share what I have found inspirational over the past week. By doing so, I will also mention a few words about some of the blogs I follow and what I find especially interesting, when reading them.

First, I'd like to start with one of my favorite 'family oriented' blogs. Rockstar diaries is a blog starring a family of 4 living and enjoying their life in the great city of New York. There's something really special about their relations, when you see them all together, it just makes you want to start your own family. I never thought I'd feel that way, but I feel very connected and look up to them in a lot of ways. I mean, I know exactly how it is to handle two nonstop toddlers, and yes, it's a lot of work, but oh-so-rewarding. Plus a lot of smiles, cute faces, funny sentences, hugs and kisses.Go check them out and do it now!

As soon as I saw this photo I saved it and noted as one of the places I definitely have to go to
on my upcoming trip to NYC. Who doesn't like breathtaking views overlooking Manhattan's skyscrapers!

Although I'm still only 23 years old (uhm, almost 24), one would think that my obsession with 'mommy blogs' or 'family oriented' ones is a bit weird. I think otherwise. I noticed that I actually follow more of these kinds of blog over the ones focused only on fashion or beauty. I think it's because I feel like I can relate to them. Yes. my life is not exactly the same as theirs, but I do kind of have the same routine as far as taking care of kids plus it is always great to be able to escape to the world of somebody else's life and see if we'd like it. Because I keep following them, then I guess it means I strive to be as good/perfect of a person and in the future a mother as they look like on pictures they post ( I know, it sounds crazy and not realistic, but don't we all do that? Think TV, movies, tabloids, magazines, books).

Anyways, there's one more blog of a 'mommy' kind that I absolutely adore. I mentioned Rockstar Diaries based in NYC, so it's time for the West Coast ( who wouldn't want all of both worlds, huh?).
The Honeybee is a blog written by Andee Layne, beautiful human being living with her husband and a 2 year old daughter in Orange Country, California. She writes about her healthy lifestyle, fashion, beauty and big/small adventures of everyday life. She seems to be a very down to earth woman, the kind that nobody can't resist but to be friends with. In her posts she's always very positive, insightful, but also won't lie if she's having a bad day. Keep an eye on her new posts as she shares a lot of creative ideas + who wouldn't want to have a piece of California dreaming? 

Somewhere lately is an interesting collaboration between two friends - Brooke and Meggan. What I like about them is that they cover two cities - New York and Chicago. That way you get two different perspectives on fashion, beauty, and what they call it all things cool in both of those wonderful cities. Maybe you are different, but I am a born and raised city girl so again, I feel like I can connect with them. They both have a bit different style what's even better, since everybody can find something for themselves.

There's a special kind of blog that I discovered recently to be really inspiring and extremely helpful. I mentioned it before in THIS POST and I'm talking about self-improvement & motivational speeches. I don't remember exactly how, but ever since I came across Marc and Angel and their practical tips for productive living my life has improved a lot. Anytime I feel down or just a little less motivated than usual, I see their words (usually on Facebook) as they pop up out of nowhere, unexpectedly, but always at the right time. It's almost as if they knew that I'm having a bad day and am in need for word of encouragement. Marc and Angel are a married couple that have a ton of insightful thoughts either you are in a relationship, single, striving to achieve, just went through big changes in life or just trying to find yourself. I love them and recommend them to my friends all the time (to the point when now I'm probably being annoying about it). So let me just say it one more time my fellow readers: Look them up! 

Last, but not least, my Polish pride. Maffashion, is one of not too many Polish blogs I actually follow. Don't get me wrong, I love to stay up to date with what's going on in Poland, but I feel like my life is here in America now and if I wouldn't be fully committed to it, then I would be torn apart between two worlds, living in between and not enjoying what I have and where I am to the fullest.

Without going astray, Maffashion, founded by Julia Kuczynska, is all things fashion, creativity, music and fun. I love the fact that she's a girl in her twenties that's already really successful, but stays focused, driven and very creative. She's gotten a ton of attention over the last few years in my country and I'm not surprised. She deserves all the appraisal she can get for her hard work and committment. She's the one to follow.

These are just a few among many other blogs and people that I look up to. I might make another post about it, as they all inspire me every single day. Please, do me a favor and go check them all out. Who knows, maybe you'll find something new you didn't know about before.

Enjoy the reading!


  1. Thanks for the love hun ;) Totally made my night reading your post! xoxo Andee

  2. Oh no thank you you're so sweet! You made my night and probably the whole week by just paying attention to it! Thank you! Paulina


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