Friday, June 13, 2014


Last Wednesday I had a pleasure of attending my very first baseball game! Knowing that this particular sport is like a national religion to America, I was pretty excited to finally find out what it's all about. Also, my friend made this experience even better for me by getting us very good seats right behind the Phillies dugout. How could I ask for more! (Well, maybe I could, in fact, ask for a better weather that particular night, but nothing was going to ruin it for us anyway).

Philadelphia Phillies vs San Diego Padres
I was especially excited to see one particular player - Ryan Howard. To find out why, go HERE.

People wearing Phillie Phanatic hats - the official mascot of the team.

Phillies scored right at the last minute of the game. They really didn't want to ruin my first experience.


What a fun night!!!


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