Tuesday, June 3, 2014


When traveling, the rules are simple. What I wear needs to be comfortable. Period. Yes, it is a plus when it's also presentable and I always try to make sure that I don't wear anything that I wouldn't wear around the house (unlike most of Americans, especially at the airports ;)). Anyways, that Memorial Day weekend the weather was also not the warmest, and since we were going to this special coastal city, we also caught a bit of wind. Therefore, my outfit had to be something that provides warmth and comfort, but could also be easily transformed into something lighter (if for some reason the weather would miraculously warmed up... NOT).

So here it is. Easy breezy, effortless, extremely comfortable and cute ( if I may say so myself).

 silky soft Guess pants

obsessed with these mirrored sunglasses

Revel - where all of your dreams come true.
 Although I don't like the fact that I lost my hips, this slim down effect is just too funny haha

Tomorrow is (already) hump day everybody!!!


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