Thursday, July 10, 2014


Good afternoon! Today a little bit about one of the greatest attractions in NYC - The High Line. It is a 1 mile (1.6 km) long linear park built on a former elevated section of railroad tracks. It runs along the lower West side of Manhattan. The first part of the park opened in 2009, 3 years later there was the second one. They are still working on the last phase, which is supposed to be finished by the Fall '14. 

  Part of High Line park seen from 23rd street.

I have to say I picked a perfect day to stroll along High Line park. It was gloomy at first, which was a nice change after a couple of really hot days in the city. And since I planned on reading while I'm there, I wasn't bothered by the sun shining too bright on the pages of my book ;)


         The path may not be very wide, but you can still find a few spots to have a little privacy.

    If you're watching closely your surroundings, you can also spot many of the well known buildings...

                                                              Chrysler building.

     Empire State Building.

                                                                Freedom Tower.

The Statue of Liberty.

These buildings on the constructions site reminded me of some kind of Chinese architecture. I know, I know... the things you think of when you're by yourself....

The part of the park that is still under construction. When it's finished, the path will be a total of 1.45 miles (2.33 km). It is supposed to be open in the fall of 2014.

   Go green.

                                            Railroad tracks incorporated in the path way.

      One of the many places along the way to sit down and relax.

        It was a nice change to be in the busy city and smell nature instead. Very rare for NYC.

A mandatory selfie in the park.

                    Taking a break from walking and getting lost in Tina Fey's world of laughter.

 The Standard hotel. Having a drink on the top of this building is still one of my things to do in the City.

And this is where the park ended. After that I walked straight into West Village, but that's a material for another post.

Stay tuned!


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