Friday, July 18, 2014

sweetness of life

A few super friendly words about a great breakfast spot in Greenpoint! Last Saturday a very dear friend of mine introduced me to mouthwatering croissants served at a Polish place called Cafe Rivera. Although we had to get up really early in the morning to get there on time before they hand out all of their delicious croissants, it was all worth the hassle. I dare you to try them! 

Oh, and did I mention they are only $2 each? Win win!

 Warm ham and cheese croissant. I'm still drooling just thinking about it...

Me and my friend bought 3 croissants each, two for breakfast (... Ham and cheese followed by a chocolate one.... Indulging much?) and one for later ( turkey and cream cheese). Yumm!

   Butter cookies! Am I back in Poland?!

     It's also a great spot to listen or even chat to some folks from Poland!

 I highly recommend this place!

                                       830 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, New York
                                          Their website:


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