Monday, July 21, 2014


Good morning from Nashville!

Today a few random shots from our walk through Brooklyn from 2 weeks ago. Me and my friends started our Saturday off with a breakfast to remember (more about it HERE) in Greenpoint. Neighborhood that is a must see if you're from Poland. It's not exactly the best hangout spot for you, but if you're missing Polish food or looking for some products too cook your Polish feast yourself, this is a place to go. Plus you can speak your native language to almost anybody you encounter on your way.

  Biedronka. A classic store in Poland. And America....

A park with an unexpected view. If you have been following me for a while, you know I'm a sucker for skylines. I've seen Manhattan from almost every angle, yet, it still gets me every time I see it. I would highly recommend going to the Transmitter park for a great Manhattan watching! They have a deck/pier over there, which makes your morning walk that much better.

 Street art. Literally.

 Walked into another park in Brooklyn...

To find a Polish party (Polish biba) in Williamsburg followed by our national treasures.

  Watched ferries sailing away leaving us still on the other side.

  Head back to Bedford Ave for some refreshments in this hot hot weather...

 ... And found the perfect spot! Window seats! I think we did enough people watching that afternoon, 
it will last us for weeks ;)


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