Sunday, February 15, 2015


For those of you who know me well, there is one thing about me that has always been a big part of my life - PHOTOGRAPHY. Whether it's when I'm traveling or celebrating bigger/smaller occasions with friends and family, I am usually the annoying one behind the camera snapping way too many pictures. Well, one would say annoying and too many pictures, but somehow in the end I always get asked for the images and everybody makes sure to tell me how grateful they are I was there to capture the moments they will cherish forever. There's a life paradox for ya.

While I am passionate about picturing anything and everything around me and have been told a few times that people enjoy looking at my photos, I was never so sure of myself to even begin to think I could pursue photography as a career. At least not until recently. Because I'm currently studying Communications (back at school, yet again), come Spring semester, I took on a Photography class. As you can probably already tell, I could not wait to start learning more about this wonderful profession. Five weeks and two photography assignments later, I have to say I never enjoyed any of the classes as much as I do this one. I never felt more inspired and rewarded as I am when I'm out taking pictures. See, the reason why I never felt I could be good at it, was because I never had a good training to start with. My philosophy was to just point and shoot, with no regard for the camera setting or lighting I got to work with. Don't get me wrong, I still knew the basics of working with light, I just never took time to actually get to know my camera well enough. And oh boy, can it do miracles!

Since I'm starting to feel more and more comfortable, confident and most importantly more aware of my picture taking, I thought I'll start sharing some of the results with You here on my blog. After all this is my creative space and I started writing my blog just for that reason - to show you my life through pictures.

I'm leaving you now with a few shots for my last assignment - SELF-PORTRAIT.


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