Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine's Day outfit idea - CASUAL

OK, here's the thing. I debated for quite some time whether I should write a Valentine's Day inspired post or not, because I am not the biggest fan of that particular day. Why? Well, it's just overstated. I mean, why do we make a big deal of that one day, which is supposed to be dedicated to our significant others? I think we should be sprinkling the love we have for them everyday. That being said, I'm definitely not the one for buying presents for V-Day, I prefer to do something out of my way to make my special person feel, well, SPECIAL.

Whether I like Valentine's Day or not, I thought why not helping out some ladies who do care about this day and maybe are looking for some inspiration. Let's talk fashion then. While we know February 14th is all about pink and red, my outfit could not be any different. For the casual look, which you can wear for a date during the day or night, I paired my grey (favorite!) eShakti custom made peplum top (CURRENTLY ON SALE) with bright pink Old Navy jeans. I think this outfit is the perfect fit for ladies who don't want to dress up too flashy, but still want to look sexy for their beloved men.

eShakti peplum top HERE / Old Navy jeans

Have a week full of love!


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