Wednesday, March 18, 2015

AUSTIN TRAVEL DIARY: Baylor Street Art Wall

Good morning!

Today a quick post on another must see place in Austin, Texas. 

Whether you are looking for a great background for your pictures or want to photograph the art walk itself, Baylor Street Art Wall is the place for you. It is also a great reminder of appreciating the art in all forms.

I'm glad I got to share these pictures with you, as the graffiti walls are constantly changing and you probably won't see the same work, if you go there now.

Our couchsurfing host/ now friend Eric did a great job showing us around the city, for which we will be forever grateful! Thank you for introducing us to a different kind of city vibe! We loved it!

STAY TUNED as this was the last post from Austin! 

Next up: Las Vegas, baby!


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