Thursday, March 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday: SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS

Before I show you around Las Vegas, I wanted to pay a quick visit to another town in Texas.
San Antonio happened to be a nice one day detour trip on our cross country adventure. Because we were already down in Austin, we thought why not taking a 3-hour long bus drive down South and add another city to our 'achievement' list. The best part about this decision though, was the fact we happened to score the best bus tickets ever...
See, one of the advantages of planning your trip months in advance is getting good deals. For young travelers on a budget like us, to score $1 tickets (yes, you read it right!!!) from Austin to San Antonio, was like winning a lottery. Again, all thanks to MEGABUS - our all time trusty travel carrier.

The main tourist attraction in San Antonio is of course the historic landmark - THE ALAMO. The history of this Roman Catholic mission and the site of the big battle goes back to the 18th Century. As an American Studies graduates, me and my friend were really excited to see this place in person.

To learn more about the history of Alamo, go HERE.

Couldn't help myself but to jump into a picture with those handsome Mexicans :)

You can only imagine what the weather must be like in South Texas in the middle of summer. Scorching hot! Honestly, we were happy it was a short visit... Admiring Alamo in all its glory was as special as it could be. Standing on the hot pavement, not so much. Thankfully, right next to the landmark was a little oasis waiting for those who needed to catch a breath, and were dying for some shade!

 I have to mention here my good ol' Forever 21 dress. You might have seen it before on my blog (a lot). It is hands down one of my favorite dresses ever! It is so lightweight and perfect for summer, I never travel without it. This piece always makes a statement without any effort ;) Needless to say, it was also just right for the hot wet summer in Texas.

Oh and yes, I like to dance in random places.

For those looking for some shade and relief from the heat, there's one more spot where you can get a break from the sun. 


It is not only good for hiding from the sun, it is also so picturesque. My favorite cities in the world has always been those surrounded by water, and canals are just one reason why. It is so relaxing and not to mention - romantic to take a stroll by the water, and forget for a second the business of the city.

 Another historic thing I couldn't miss to show you. In the evening, we took a bus to get to another part of the city and this is what we came across. What a great reminder of an important American piece of history.

I hope these photos inspired you to pay a visit to this full of history city!


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