Sunday, March 22, 2015


And so we made it to our last stop on our cross country adventure! 

It was my wish to spend my 24 birthday in Las Vegas and I couldn't be happier that we made it happen! Being a July baby is always hard for me to gather all of my friends together and celebrate my birthday. If I'm lucky, I'm usually able to spend my day with two (at the most) of my closest friends, the rest is always busy traveling (or working). Anyhow, this time I had my best friend Maja by my side and we were ready to rock the desert!

Honestly, though, Las Vegas is no joke you guys. The day we went to check out the Welcome sign, it was over 100 degrees (end of July). The walk was only about 30 minutes from our hotel and let me tell you something... I thought I'm going to die! I swear I never had such a strong reaction to the heat. I mean, yes, we didn't have any hats or even water with us, so it's totally our fault. 
Anyway, about halfway through we came across McDonalds and boy did I chug that ice tea right away! Needless to say, we survived!

And the sign is a must see when you're in Vegas ;)

Stay tuned for more!


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