Saturday, May 31, 2014

139th Preakness Stakes

Exactly two weekends ago, I had a pleasure of taking part in Preakness craziness for the second time in my life. For those of you who don't know, it is a a horse race held at Pimlico Race course in Baltimore, Maryland. It is also a second leg of the US Triple Crown, following the Kentucky Derby (Louisville, Kentucky) and followed by the Belmont Stakes (Elmont, New York). Now, you're probably wondering why a girl would be excited about such events? Well, it's certainly not because I like to spend my money on bets. Although it was nice to experience something new for a change, I come for fun. And by that I mean a day full of infield concerts, people, sun, uhm, booze.... Yes, it's that simple to make me happy ;)

For this year, me and two of my friends headed to Baltimore for a two day event. Friday May 16th was a Black-Eyed Susan Day. We started it off watching a few horse races, then pre-gamed a little prior to entering the infield that served as a venue for concerts + drinking massacre. I was mostly elated to see The Fray on stage. And they didn't disappoint. To end the night we danced to Counting Crows, another great band. Although I expected a little different performance from the last group, it was still great to be there.

Here are pics from Day 1:

 Race course in the background. Nope, we didn't decide to wear fancy dresses and big kick ass hats like we should have... mostly because right afterwards we had to be somewhere else and if you keep reading, you'll know exactly why it was a good decision.
 The Fray
After partying it up in the infield. It actually looks like I was a jockey riding a horse ha ha

Day 2 it was the actual Preakness Day. The most important race of the day did not take place until after 6pm. Therefore, we had the whole day to just have fun and enjoy some music. The first one up was NAS and we made it just in time...

Here's my biker babe outfit of the day

Right after the first concert, we headed over to see Switchfoot. Not a lot of my friends recognize this band from San Diego until they here some of theirs songs. It was a really cool concert but they did so many covers, I was hoping to hear more of their own repertoire. Meant to live definitely made my day! It was crazy.

The headliner of the day was a worldwide success - one and only - Lorde. I have to admit that I didn't like hear in the beginning, her song Royals was doing the same thing to me what a red fabric does to the bull. It was annoying and I was so sick of it. After seeing her perform at Grammy's, though, I gradually started to appreciate her more. I mean, she has a unique voice, great lyrics, an interesting sense of style when up on stage, and for God's sake she's only 17!

 obsessed with these sunglasses
trying to be cool, but really, I hated it ha ha
Here's a pic of a famous MUG CLUB > MUG and never ending refills

It was a great weekend. Good music, beautiful weather, the best company = everything I love. As for the horse race of the day, to everybody's excitement, the second leg of the US Triple Crown was won by California Chrome. The very same horse that won in Kentucky Derby. If it will make it in Belmont Stakes on June 7th, he will be a big winner of all three stakes since 1978! Fingers crossed!

Have a great sun filled weekend babes!


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