Thursday, April 10, 2014

Currently CRAVING vol.2

Hello sunshine! I hope you guys are having a sunny morning as well!
Talking about beautiful weather.... Only 10 days left until I stand once again on the lands of Sunshine State! This is getting real, can't wait. 

So because pretty soon I'll have to pack my carry on to runaway for a while and enjoy the spring beauty of Florida, today I wanted to share a hew things I'm currently craving and would love to take on vacation with me.

1. When on vacation, Sunglasses are an absolute necessity.  We have all different kinds of them, but it's still never enough. Current trend I'm obsessed about - MIRRORED sunglasses ( I already purchased a pair, but left it at my friend's house, so I'll just share pictures from beloved Pinterest).

2. OFF THE SHOULDER TOP. Preferably, a crochet one. I lalalalallove this trend, it's so feminine and chic. Would be perfect for Coachella, which is only a day away, but since I'm not going ( boooooooooooooooHooo), I will have to find another occasion to wear it (soon enough, soon enough).
Yesterday I found the one I liked online, I should get it in about a week, so stay tuned, I'll definitely share pictures with you. Here's some of the off the shoulder tops I love ( also found on Pinterest).

3. Flowy MAXI dresses. I know, I'm not discovering anything new here. This trend has been around for a while now. I myself am the owner of 4 maxi dresses ( I've come to love them only about a year and a half ago, before I thought I'm too short for wearing something of this nature). Each dress I own is different, but I'm still looking for more. Here are a few of styles (uuuuuh I'm talking sexy slits and plunging neckline, girls and boys!) I really adore:

4. Shoes. When it comes to shoes there are two completely different styles I need to own ASAP. One is a NUDE one strap high heel, another one - sneakers, and to be more clear New Balance ones. I just purchased a what I think would finally be a perfect pair of nude high heels, high enough no but not over the board, and comfortable ( so hard to find) to walk in, that I love. I'll do post on them soon.


All photos shared via Pinterest. Go to my boards Wanted and Inspirations

I'll finish on these 5 items, of course we women need to constantly update our TO BUY/OWN ASAP list, so I could spend hours just talking about it. I know it's crazy, but the truth be told, I'm only buying necessities! For real. I'm trying to make the most of the things I have, and when I notice I don't really need some of them, I'm getting rid of it. You can actually find joy ( if not even more than in reckless buying), so I recommend trying. You will not only make somebody else happy, but yourself , too. I know it works that way for me.

Happy Thursday everybody!


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