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My sincere apologies for being so brief lately. Without getting into details, I had a lot on my mind and it became my priority to get some things right to come back with a rested mind full of new ideas. Anyways, don't want to bore anybody with my problems, so on to the good stuff!

A couple days ago I had a privilege of spending a weekend with a dear friend of mine at the beach house in South Delaware (yep, we have beaches here, too). It was really refreshing to get out of the small town I live in, breath a crispy sea air and enjoy some down time with my friend. And the house we stayed at... let me just say, a dream come true. It was hands down the best (perfect sized) house I've ever been a guest of and can't wait to go back there and pretend that it's mine just for another moment. I fell in love with a decor, layout, every single detail of it.

Not to drag any longer, here are some snapshots of a dream house I will own one of these days...

By the size of this house ( the look from the outside) I did not expect it to be so spacious
 and fit so many rooms (master, kids, guest bedrooms etc.)
 Gotta love the open concept kitchen! Perfect for entertaining friends at summer parties

Another great spot for entertainment or to just relaxing. Sunroom.
Master bedroom
It's all in the details!

Up the stairs...
  Coming up the stairs tired you badly? Here's another spot to relax after a long day on the beach ;)
The cutest kid's bedrooms ever.
To my surprise, I discovered that these tiny rooms fit 3 kid beds. 
It's all possible thanks to a smart design.
This beach house has so many bedrooms, I don't even think I counted them all, so I don't remember exactly how many, but just the fact that it has two kid bedrooms with 3 beds each means, you can have friends over with kids and fit them all in without a hassle. Love it!!!
 A beach house must have!

Even though this particular house was not directly located on the beach, it served as a perfect place to hang out and still feel like beach was right outside the window (when really, it was only a couple streets down, no big deal).

I hope you like this little tour around the house! Now all we gotta do is visualize our dream and they sure will come true! Believe me, it works like magic.

Have a good Thursday!


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