Friday, April 18, 2014


Happy Good Friday!

I know it's late and I realize it's already a new day in Poland, but oh well, I hope everybody had a great day. To be honest, ever since I came to America I lost a track of holidays. I do not celebrate them as much as I used to (meaning not going to church, not following any of the rules - disclosure: yes, I did eat meat today, the only think I knew when I woke up was that I have a day off, totally forgot why, though...). I do feel bad about it (sometimes), but I figured, if I decided to live my life in America for a while, then I should get accustomed to different rules. That being said, instead of going to church with a basket full of food to bless it this weekend, I'm going away to some warm places to celebrate spring break. I do tend to avoid all the craziness that surrounds any holiday in America.. Don't get me wrong, we are the same (to some extent) exchanging Christmas gifts in December in Poland, but we don't shower ourselves with a room full of presents in the morning of the Christmas Day. To me, it's just too much. Everything in America is done on a bigger scale and that's not always a good thing.
Anyways, I don't want you to think I'm trying to diss one culture or another. I believe in moderation, so any time I'm faced with one end of a spectrum, I tend to take a step back. I thought I would share that if you don't already know it about me.
Now, I'm going to leave you with these thoughts and skip away to enjoy holidays my way ;)

Fish feast (trying to make up for my mistakes eating salami and ham for breakfast and lunch accordingly)

Have a good weekend people! 
God bless

Wesolych Swiat Wielkanocnych!


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