Saturday, April 19, 2014


Good morning!

Before I leave Delaware for a while, I decided to go out and enjoy my neighborhood one last time. I wanted to capture things I pass every day in a hurry, telling myself over and over again that I will come back and take a moment to enjoy the little stuff. It's amazing how slowing down, taking a breath and simply noticing what surrounds us, can give you a peace of mind. Another perspective.

I'm only one day away from enjoying a totally different environment. So next time I'll be sharing with you another set of colors. Today though - take a moment and enjoy these little gems that are make my life in Delaware so much beautiFULLER (whoever watched Frozen then knows ;))

I love the vibe of this house. There's something mysterious and Frank Lloyd Wrightish about it. 
It definitely stands out in our neighborhood.
 Did you notice the squirrel skipping away in a kangaroo manner?
I definitely underestimated the weather today. Turned out it wasn't that chilly after all ;)

Enjoy the little things and moments people!

Happy Easter 
from my Polish heart


  1. Beautiful Pictures!
    I like your blog very much, lovely posts :)
    xoxo, tina
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