Wednesday, April 2, 2014

my favorite go to LUNCH

Hello everybody! Did anybody fool you yesterday? I know I played a successful prank on my friend, so I'm off to a good start!

Anyways, today's post will be rather quick and easy. It's about one of my favorite foods ever (and I'm sure not only mine) - PIZZA! Wait, pizza? Well, yes, I know it doesn't exactly strike as the quickest meal to prepare, but 'my kind of pizza' (let's just call it that way, shall we?), is different.
Now, to save you some time during the day, instead of preparing what would be your usual dough and then pizza crust (yeah, who would have time to do that during a lunch break), you just grab a wrap/tortilla or a flat bread (whichever comes first in/from your pantry), smother it with some tomato sauce, add toppings according to your preferences and availability, then throw it all in the oven or a small grill, and after 10 minutes or so enjoy your mouth watering pizza!
It really is a great alternative for you and depending on what you use as your base and how much cheese you are willing to withhold ( I say, go cheese!), it can be super healthy.

Below you can find just some of many many mini kind of pizzas I've enjoyed recently.

This is a flat bread/pizza crust I'm currently using. It's with flax seed that gives you an extra amount of fiber and healthy fats, which you really need. Plus it's only 100 calories!

As you can see, options are endless, people! So go ahead and try it yourself. Leave a comment if you gave it a try, share suggestions, I'm here to learn ;)

Enjoy the rest of a HUMP DAY!


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