Monday, May 12, 2014

Polish Beauty 1.0

Who's the beauty behind this photograph?

I decided to continue sharing more and more of my culture and introduce some of you (who may not know yet) to the people that proudly represent that small country of mine. If I may do so, I'll focus on women alone, because I think these play a crucial role on the international market. I'm talking models (for the most part), actresses, singers... all SLAVIC BEAUTIES!

And here is one of them:     MAGDALENA FRACKOWIAK

28 years old; Polish fashion model since she was 16, ranked 23rd on the TOP 50 MODELS WOMEN by; Victoria's Secret's Angel; has been on the cover of Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese and many other Vogue issues, works with top fashion designers and walks the runways for.... well, you name it.

NOTE: There are million more pictures of Magdalena that I simply could not fit in one post, but I did my best to share with you some of my favorite shots of this beautiful woman's work/accomplishments.

 source: Pinterest


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