Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What winning really means to you?

Reality bites, 1994

I recently stumbled upon this one issue of Glamour and felt so inspired by it that had to go back to it twice. I know it's a magazine dedicated to women, but this one particular publication felt even more special to me ( I also posted on it recently HERE). It is very career oriented, encouraging women to follow their passions and don't get discouraged by their ideas and aspirations. For me personally, I feel it is needed and appreciated when I'm empowered and reminded to follow my dreams and that none of it is not important enough to pursue. Either it's just settling down and focusing on your family life or building up your career and conquering the world before you take care of others, you do whatever makes you happy. I'm still young and one would say (actually, everybody says so) that I still have a lot of time to figure it all out, but recently I found it especially difficult and confusing. I mean, how are you supposed to make a decision now (just because at 20 something you feel it's high time you figured it all out) and expect the same (satisfactory) results years from now, when you're older and things has changed. What it means to be successful to me? It means many different things at the moment, which I guess is connected to the stage I am right now. Still. very confusing. I mean, as soon as I feel I figured it out the world comes crashing down and rearrange everything. Then I find myself looking for answers and meaning of it all once again... I guess everything happens for a reason and I should just roll with it.

Anyhow... sorry for opening up, confusing and chaos. Or not. I needed to let it out. So there it is.

I hope you'll enjoy this column by Zosia Mamut. Her thoughts appear on Glamour pages every other month and I encourage you to read it. I also encourage you to watch Girls in which she stars in. It sure is something else.

Oh, and if you need music... this is what I feel like right now:

Alicia Keys - If I ain't got you

Glamour June 2014, page 108.

R.I.P. Maya Angelou


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