Wednesday, May 21, 2014


On to day 2 in Florida. It was Monday and we decided to go see movies that evening. Although I didn't expect much from that night, it turned out to be my best movie experience ever. My friend Gary never seizes to amaze me and so this time could not be different...
If you ever feel like spending 11 bucks on one movie is a bit much, you have to go visit Tampa Theatre (est. 1926)This elaborate movie palace will take you back in time, make you forget about all your troubles and for the small price that you pay (in that case) it will make you feel special. If you are looking for doing something a bit different but still within your comfort zone, this is truly a place to be!

Excerpt from Tampa Theatre's website (because I couldn't have put it in words better myself):

Upon entering under the Theatre’s “blade sign” marquee, audiences are transported to a lavish, romantic Mediterranean courtyard, replete with old-world statuary, flowers and gargoyles. Over it all is a realistic night sky filled with twinkling stars.

How appealing, huh? Truth be told, it is not just a marketing trick. The description truly does the theatre its justice. Whoever said it, meant every word and I do, too.

Now let the pictures speak:

How often do you get to purchase a ticket from an old school box office like that?
 like the ceiling can't hold us...
before the movie starts, you get to listen to the volunteer organist Bob Baker playing the organ...
Excuse the quality of pictures. I was so taken away by the beauty of the theatre that I didn't care much about million functions in my camera that could take way better photos than that. I truly behaved like a kid, I was so impressed with the surroundings.
John Eberson, the architect of Tampa Theatre is best known for his movie palace designs in the atmospheric theatre fashion.
 as happy as a kid can be
Now you see what they meant by realistic night sky. And when the movie starts, we'll be counting stars...

While we are on the movie subject, that Monday night we decided to see a new feature starring Scarlett Johansson titled Under the skin. If I had to use one word to describe it, it would be disturbing. If I had one more, then I'd say different. IMDb gives a very descriptive synopsis on their website : An alien seductress preys upon the population of Scotland and that is all I'll say about it (ok, maybe one more thing: there's a lot of nudity in the movie. Scarlett's curvilicious body to be exact). I definitely recommend watching it. 

If I may also give you a piece of advice, the motorcycle gear comes in handy when at a movie theatre! Maybe it won't make you feel fabulous wearing heavy clothes in a place like this, but it sure easily let you sneak in some booze! (not that you already don't know how to be sneaky with your alcohol). Juuust sayinnnnn.

Good night.


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