Tuesday, May 27, 2014

biking & 'house hunting' in Florida

One of those I spent in Florida, me and my friend decided to go biking. It was about a 17-mile route, so we took our time and had plenty of stops to enjoy the views. If you know me and my dear camera, we are inseparable. Therefore, I took a lot of pictures (yes, while biking - it's called multitasking) of that little adventure and there sure was a lot to admire. We started our route in a beautiful city of Belleair in Pinellas County. Then, after climbing up two bridges, we slowly worked our way up to Clearwater Beach (more about it HERE). Then we were only one bridge away from coming back home to Belleair.

Anyways, less talking, more pictures:

our bike route

some random gate that in no way was going along with the style of the house
In Belleair we came across this mansion in progress. My friend only heard that some baseball player is building it. A little snooping around and we found out that the owner is a Phillies player Ryan Howard. Estimated cost: $ 23 million. More info HERE.
Sand Key Park
climbing up the bridge no. 2 that will take us from Belleair to Clearwater
Clearwater Beach
a perfect place to take a break and treat yourself to some lunch by the beach
Former Hulk Hogan's Belleair estate. Originally up for sale for 25$ million, sold 5 years later in 2011 for only $6.2 million.
It's the very same house portrayed in a VH1's reality show Hogan Knows Best.
 It features roof tiles imported from France, floors that are center-cut oak hand-carved in a basket-weave pattern, handmade leaded-glass windows, kitchen with custom copper sinks, hand-carved limestone and steel countertops, and a fireplace - one of seven in the house. Read more HERE.

It was a good day.


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