Tuesday, May 20, 2014


So it's been exactly a month since my last visit in Florida, meaning the past 30 days must have been some kind of a procrastination program, which I didn't intend to do take a part in, but oh well... To be honest, sometimes life just gets in a way. I had this perfect plan to do posts on each day spent in the Sunshine State right away when they happened, so I don't leave anything out. I asked my dear friend (native Florida guy) a lot of questions, took notes, took notice of details, photographed what seemed different or interesting and already started planning posts on each subject. Then I came back home, took care of urgent matters and now here I am - a month later explaining myself why I didn't do what I had in mind. (UPDATE: Oooops! Look at me, busy bee. I actually did do one post on Florida since I came back home that I forgot about! HEREPart of the reason is that I wanted to take some time preparing each subject, do a proper research, try to recreate what I saw with my own eyes and then share my experience with you. To do so, I need time and most likely a NO DISTURB sign on my door (and some thoughts of mine), so that I could focus on the right things. I didn't get that chance YET...

Anyways, enough of rambling ( I really need to stop beginning every post with explaining myself) and off to the point.

April 20th was my first day in Florida. A very convenient flight that within 3 hours brought me down to the Sunshine State was only a good start of that Sunday. It got only better with each hour.  Correct - minute. My friend knew exactly what I needed at that time and withing 40 minutes of picking me up from the airport, we were already cruising on his BMW baby. We like to call it a motorcycle therapy. Without exaggerating, we spent over 7 hours driving through a variety of different places in Florida ( if you think Florida is just Miami, Key West, Orlando or Everglades, you could not be more wrong). NOTE: More on that in the next post.

We ended the day relaxing by the pool with drinks in our hands (in my case a drink and a bar of chocolate), John Cusack on the screen and smiles on our faces. It sure was a good day and the best part is that it was only a beginning of my so called Spring Break.

Here some of the highlights of that day:

Off to a good start! Too empty seats on a plane? It doesn't get better than that...

... actually it does, when you are in a great company! Let me introduce you to my dear friend Gary. There's not even one back road in Florida that this guy doesn't know of or a fact about Florida that he didn't already tell you about. He's also the kind of person that knows exactly how you feel without you saying it out loud. That whether you want it or not will take you on a ride, cause he knows that's just what you need. That you could have conversations or debates about the life - as it is, as it used to be, as it can be - any time of the day, but especially after sunset. That will be your partner in crime, therapist, teacher, guide and most importantly friend. We share so many great memories together, even though we only know each other a little over 3 years, I know there are still plenty more adventures that await...
Here we are on our first stop on a 7h long drive... looking serious.

 In my almost full motorcycle gear. Sometimes it's good to hide under some extra piles of clothes and cover your face with a helmet. And other times...
...it's NOT! If you hair end up being a hot mess when you're out in public grabbing some lunch on an Easter Sunday ;) But then again, who cares if you really...
....enjoy yourself when you're on the road!
 Spanish moss. I couldn't decide if this kind of tree fascinates me more or rather creeps me out. I'm still on the fence about it.
A shot in Tarpon Spring with the highest population of Greek Americans 
of any city in the US. (More on that in the next post)

 Taking some of the back roads makes the rides so much more interesting and...
 ... bring you so much closer to the beauty of nature.
 Didn't lie about the chocolate bar.
Ending the night in my no gravity chair thanks to the courtesy of my thoughtful friend.

From this day forward, you can expect more posts about Florida. 
That's it for today, though!
Stay tuned.

Good night for me. Good morning Poland.


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