Tuesday, December 23, 2014


We are only one day away from Christmas Eve (huge deal in Poland, we celebrate it more than the actual Christmas Day), but here I am posting about Nashville! I just could not pass an opportunity to tell you about this cool place we got to discover in Tennessee.

What do you think it could be? Looks like a warehouse, but what's inside? The motorcycle parked outside might influence your suggestions, but let's follow the arrow and see for ourselves.

Welcome to the Barista Parlor everybody! Located in the East Nashville, Lockland Springs to be exact, it is a great place to enjoy your morning coffee, breakfast or brunch. It is also a wonderful place for people like me, an American Studies graduate, who enjoys looking at pieces that tell stories about specific times in history. This place has plenty of them. Fridge from the 50s, old school Pepsi tray, maps, heck, just the way they prepare coffee is old school, too. Some people will say it's hipster, and yes, that is true, but stuff is very friendly and welcoming.
The brewing equipment.

Oh, and back to the motorcycles. There's some inside, too. How cool is that?

Although there's plenty of space for everybody inside, you can also drink and eat outside. Nice option but when visiting in summer (baby it's hot outside), I'd rather stay cool inside. Anyway, I would definitely recommend you check out this place. Who wouldn't want to have a coffee in a warehouse like this????
Go ahead and check Barista Parlor's website: http://shop.baristaparlor.com/products where they have even more attractions for y'all!
Merry Christmas!


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