Saturday, December 20, 2014

NASHVILLE TRAVEL DIARY: Saturday night out

Today more about our first night out in Nashville. As you can see by the first picture, we were having fun before we even left the house haha. Prior to our leaving, we decided to play some drinking games. Kings Cup happened to be my absolute favorite, it literally had us in stitches!!!! We laughed our butts of, I don't even know how we managed to get out the door, it was so hard to stop playing when we had so much fun. Somehow we got our stuff together and we were off to rock the night.

Because I wanted to have fun and not worry about my expensive camera, we didn't bring it with us. Also, at that time I didn't have my iPhone yet, which brings up another point. We, Maja and I, were traveling across the country with phones and no Internet service! Ummm, yeah, crazy you would think. I did, however, bring my iPad with me, so whenever we had a chance to connect to free Wi-Fi , we were good. Not that we were not good in general haha. I figured the best way to get the information we needed when traveling was to just ask locals. After all they should no best. If they didn't, then oh well, a little more walking, getting lost, finding new interesting places, meeting few more people and we were exactly where we were supposed to be.

My old school phone (it was a flip phone, ok...) couldn't get good pictures, but who cares if you have photo booths! They always make (save?) my day and once again proved that we didn't need any fancy devices to capture our memories! We got our photo strip at Tin Roof, which was the first bar we stopped by. It was a perfect place to get our party started, so I definitely recommend checking it out. Especially that I don't have any pictures from there, you just have to go and see it for yourself ;)

Our second spot happened to be Honky Tonk Central. It turned out to be a great place to get that country vibe we were looking for! You get to choose from 3 stories of different live performances, many bars, and well, even more people. Even though it was awfully crowded, we did manage to score one balcony all to ourselves, and here's the proof. All that hard maneuvering between crowds of people was definitely worth once we got to see the view. The street behind us is Broadway and it is safe to say it's the busiest one in Nashville. Music is coming out from every single bar and restaurant literally non stop. And even though I mentioned I'm not necessarily a fan of country music, while you listen to it live, it's a totally different experience and I was definitely enjoying it.
 One happy family! Here with our crew for the night.

Because the night wouldn't be complete if we didn't hit the spot number three, we finished our night out at Ms. Kelli's Karaoke. Few blocks away from Broadway, a little wandering (running?) on the streets of Nashville and we were there. No, I didn't do karaoke and God forbid if I ever try it. If there's one thing I know about myself is that I CANNOT SING. Period. Sometimes when it's just me, blasting music in the car, I think I can, or at least, maybe, its tolerable to listen to. However, no matter how spontaneous and brave I may be, I will not sing in front of random people. With a microphone. That really sounds like a nightmare to me haha. I definitely prefer watching other people do it. After all, we were in the Music City! I had to give Nashvillians a chance to show off their skills!

I also need to mention Uber, because it served us greatly throughout the night. This car service was not only convenient, but very easy to use and affordable, too. And I don't think I have to repeat myself saying how important traveling on the budget was for us.

Whoever decides to sign up for Uber, here's a little treat for you. If you use code: paulinas21 , you will get a free Uber ride worth $20.

Merry Christmas!


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