Friday, December 12, 2014


Somewhere between work and school, my blog has been 'enjoying' an unexpected time out. Not that it's not as important to me, I just simply run out of time and energy. Since I started my winter break just yesterday, I'm back. I'm not only back, but also committed towrite more regularly. 

First, let me take you back to last summer. Remember that cross country trip I have been talking about? Well, time to get back on it. Our cross country trip had its kick off in New York City, but the full on couchsurfing experience started in Chicago. So far I have blogged about few things we did in this beautiful city, and for those of you who got lost, here is the reminder:

I still have at least two more posts about Chicago 
and then we move on to our next destination: 


It's nice to 'see' you back! Enjoy the reading and keep en eye out for the next post! 
Talk to You tomorrow!


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