Wednesday, December 31, 2014


I think it is safe to say that each year brings new adventures as well as challenges, but despite the inevitable ups and downs, by the end of each one I always feel grateful for new experiences. This year has been no different. I can only wish 2015 will teach me as much as 2014 did, and that with getting older, I'll only get to appreciate more the opportunities I have been graced with in my life.
With no further ado, let me share with You a recap of the past year. So many good memories!

Three years ago I made a pact with myself that I'll welcome every new year in another city. First, I rung in 2012 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, another year I was fortunate enough to move to America where in Miami, I celebrated 2013. Twelve months ago I took a trip to California and spent my NYE and Day in San Diego. Let's where I'll end up this year!

In February I finally listened to my gut (and a lot of my friends) and decided to start a blog. I knew I had a lot of material and experiences I wanted to share with my readers and utilizing it all in a form of a personal blog seemed like a perfect idea. For 2015 I only wish I'll get to share what I do with more and more people, influence others to follow their dreams and will keep being inspired and creative. There is still so much I can do and learn, I'm just happy I decided to take up this challenge. 

Spring break in Florida. Always fun and adventurous and I get to spend time with my dear friends. 
New York City is always a great idea. This was probably about 8th time I've visited the city, and let me just say, I still haven't gotten enough of it (and taking pictures while I'm there) :)

The wonderful cross-country adventure I took on with my college friend from Poland. We traveled for about 2 months, got to meet amazing people and well, ate a lot of guilty food ;) We couchsurfed, conquered Chicago, Nashville, Memphis, Austin and ended up in Las Vegas to celebrate my turning 24. Do I need to say more?
August was a month full of love, as my (another) dear friend from Poland moved to America and got married to the love of her life. I got to be the maid of honor for the first time in my life, and well, it truly was an honor. I still cannot hide my excitement to this day. I get to have my best friend living 3 hours away from me, which only says one thing, she truly is my soul sister.
Fun, new experiences always happen over amazing concerts. Weekend-long ones are even better. This was the second time I attended Made in America Music Festival over a Labor Day weekend in Philadelphia, and it sure won't be the last one. Whenever I go, I always have the time of my life, dance until my feet can no longer serve, and meet interesting people. 

Halloween this year was particularly special because of this little (huuuuuge) shout out. I modestly participated in one of the contests held for DIY Halloween costumes and needless to say, was so excited when I happened to make it on her site with my Big Bird costume tutorial. It may seem like a little thing, but being recognized by this brand and what it represents, was a huge deal to me. It helped me realize how much I enjoy what I do and that I can only get better at it.

Getting to spend Christmas in a Polish manner with my best friend and her family really meant a lot to me this year. It's been a third year when I don't get to see my family for holidays. but being with my dear friends always makes up for that. I am so grateful for that opportunity!

Now it's time to walk into a new year, and YOU better do it in style!

Happy celebrations!



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