Thursday, December 25, 2014


Gooooooood morning! Merry Christmas once again to everybody who celebrates today :) I hope you loved opening all of your presents, but most importantly, you appreciate being with your loved ones. I know I'm in my happy place when I have my favorite people around me. Although, I don't get to spend Christmas or any other holiday with my family now that I moved to America, I am very fortunate I have a few of my best friends from Poland here with me. Not to mention my second family, all the friends that became my family ever since I came to Delaware.

Like I mentioned in my previous posts, I'm currently in Virginia, enjoying a holiday break with my friends on the Eastern shore. Because my dear friend Joanna just recently got married and moved to Virginia, we both wanted to spend this Christmas in a Polish manner. That being said, we celebrated with a big cook off and dinner on Christmas Eve while listening to Polish carols. We also opened our presents that night.

To share the spirit of our night with you, here's a little sneak peak.

To me Christmas in Poland is a smell of wild mushroom, sauerkraut cooking on the stove, kitchen covered in flour after making hundreds of pierogi, and what I'm looking forward to the most - the burgundy barszcz (borscht).

We didn't make traditional 12 meals for dinner, because we wouldn't have enough people to share it with. But what we cooked was definitely more than enough for our little family of three :)
 Pierogi with sauerkraut, wild dried mushroom (sent from Poland!), cabbage and onion. Some people prefer to eat them just boiled, but if you like extra crispiness, I recommend you fry them in a deep oil.

Barszcz (borscht) - a beet root soup. The essential part of this meal are uszka. My absolute favorite. You can have them with meat but we just used our stuffing for pierogi and voila!

Apple pie Polish style. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm home.

Hopefully these dishes will inspire you to try some Polish delights and maybe next year you could try cooking something new for your guests.



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