Saturday, December 13, 2014


It was a Friday night, fourth day of our visit in Chicago, and we were about to leave for Nashville at midnight (just like princesses). Lindsey and Brian made sure we left in good spirits (if you know what I mean %...). To end our last day in the city in a proper manner and prepare for a 9-hour bus ride, our wonderful hosts took us to the food street festival.

 I said it before and I will mention it again, cause it seems like I cannot stress it enough - LINDSEY AND BRIAN TURNED OUT TO BE THE MOST AMAZING HOSTS!

 They did not only invite us to their home, but they also made us a part of their lives. We had the best time with them and will be forever grateful for the time we got to spent together. And the best thing is that we gained new friends, we keep in touch and can't wait to see each other again. 

What else could we ask for?

Back to the food festival, though. Taste of North River offered a variety of amazing food, music, drinks ^^ and other goods sold by local artisans and merchants. For a small prize, we got to enjoy the best of Chicago's goodies. Win Win!

On our way to the festival, we stopped by Lindsey and Brian's friend apartment. I managed to snap few pictures, because oh well... 

See for yourself.


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