Saturday, March 22, 2014


Ok, so let's go back to fashion. Today I wanted to talk about some of my current cravings, hoping to make it one of the weekly posts in the future. It will be things that I'm dying to try, meals I want to learn to cook, and things I want to buy. My major source of inspiration at the moment is Pinterest and that is where I'm going to share my photos from.

The look I want to show you is the one I have been obsessing over for the past few months now. And because it's a weekend, I'm finally going to make an attempt to go shopping for it. 

Today I'm talking about accessories. Now, I'm not the biggest accessory gal in any sense, but I believe that one simple thing can take an entire outfit to another level of chic. Therefore, my collection is not too big, but I'm trying to keep it simple on purpose(as it is easy to lose control over the the little things we purchase) and own just essentials, that can quickly revamp my clothes. 

Up until a year ago, I thought gold accessories are just not my thing. For some reason I thought they didn't compliment me at all. That has changed until I gave them a try. Let's just say, I loved it so much now my modest collection consists mostly of gold goodies. And that finally leads to the one craving I want to share with you today.

GOLD METAL BELTS. Here are the looks I'm obsessing over right now, and making them a key in my search of a perfect one that I will include in my gold collection. 


       Beloved Jennifer Lawrence and everybody's new obsession Suki Waterhouse.
Absolutely adore the plunging neckline + gold belt. Perfect combo. Definitely giving it a go.

source: PINTEREST (to see all of the looks and find more inspirations go to my board wanted)

Options, options, sooo many options to choose from.

Which look do you like best?


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