Friday, March 14, 2014


So there's Friday again, therefore time for another flashback! This particular one holds some great memories, as it's from the last day of 2013, which I spent in San Diego with my love.  The dress I wore that day was a perfect choice for the night. I loved the style of it, the fact that it was comfortable and at the same time complimented my figure, plus the color. [ Red tones are usually not my first choice, duh, they are never my choice. You can't see that in the pictures above, but color of the dress gravitated more toward raspberry red (and with that I could agree, I hate wearing red)].

Anyways, good times, but the dress was such a steal that I had to share with you the history of the purchase. I got it from H&M online store, when they were holding a sale. Originally that dress was listed for 18$ (cheaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap), I got it for 10!!! If i remember correct, it was Cyber Monday, therefore shipping was free too. What a deal. I ordered it in small, which is my size, but when I got, it turned out to be waaaay too big. To this day I'm still not sure if they tagged it wrong, but still, sizing at H&M varies. I get their clothes from size 2 to 8. Anyways, thankfully I had a friend that could tailor the dress according to my needs. The final product was fabulous. Then the New Year's Eve came, and then 2014, and then other sales. For President's Day weekend, I visited H&M website one more time, and to my surprise, found my beloved dress in black for 5 dollars. I mean, come on. Who doesn't need another little black dress in her closet, raise your hand? I thought so. This time i ordered it in XS, and it fit perfectly. WIN WIN!

Sooo there goes my STEAL OF THE WEEK:

I almost forgot to share the best news. I just scrolled through H&M online store, and found out that they are still not sold out ( I'm really surprised it's still up there) of the dress in black! Although it's only available in size XS and S, it's priced at 3$!

Here's the link:   BLACK DRAPED DRESS 

Now do me a favor and go order yourself a gorgeous dress!
You can thank me later ;)

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend!


  1. AAaaa, buy me one!!!(this is Masha btw) )))))


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