Monday, March 31, 2014

occupational therapy

Have you ever been so worried or concerned about something that you couldn't sleep, eat or simply think about anything else? I'm sure it happened to you on numerous occasions and it has happened to me as well. Actually, I shouldn't have said it happened to me, I should have said I LET IT HAPPEN TO ME. I believe that no matter what kind of a situation cause our minds to worry, it is always our choice to let it affect us the way it does. In other words, we choose to be miserable, disappointed or satisfied. Although we may think this is just how things go, there's a really simple remedy to kick out worry out of our system and not sweat over anything for too much. Today I'm here to tell you what it is. Read along.

Winston Churchill, one of the most prominent politician of the height of the World War II, when asked what was his solution when dealing with problems said: I'm too busy. I have no time for worry.

Now, let's stop and think about it. Why keeping busy help? Because it is nearly impossible to bother your mind with more than one thing at any given moment. You can't be occupied with your work while trying to solve your other problems. Of course, unless your job doesn't require much of a mental work, I guess you can do it mechanically and then still have time to stress over other things, but let's face it. Having free time is when our minds are going into dark places. The solution then would be to simply find more constructive tasks, we can get occupied with, and then afterwards be too exhausted to even let the worries creep in. That way we can get our peace of mind back and beauty sleep as well!

I know it all may sound trivial, but with all honesty, any psychiatrist will tell you that work is one of the best anesthetics ever known for sick nerves. One of the best and totally free!

I should have probably mentioned in the beginning that I am not discovering anything new here, I am just sharing with you guys, what I learned from Dale Carnegie, my personal hero and author of How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, who I mentioned before HERE. Everything that I am writing about today you can find under the chapter 6 titled How to crowd worry out of your mind. I highly recommend it to you guys, as you can find a lot of examples of how keeping busy has helped many different people deal with their problems...

And if you ask me if it helped me too, I'll tell you this. I woke up this morning thinking, Geee, great, there goes another Monday, let's do it all over again, meaning not the happiest thoughts ever. In fact, I couldn't stop thinking about something I should just let be. I knew the only solution for today was to throw myself into a work mode and I did just that. I run some errands, vacuumed a couple rooms, then had some free time when the worried thoughts started to creep in again, so I decided to help my friend repaint the bathroom. 2 hours later it was time for dinner, shower, and then relaxation. But what did I do next? Exactly what I'm doing right now - writing this post :) By the time I'll be done and check all of the social networks that are just begging me to visit them, I'll just drift away to the next day.

So that's good news! I survived a severe case of a Monday! I'm sure you did great as well. As long as we are trying, we'll be fine.

See you tomorrow, busy bees!


  1. Just few minutes ago I finished this chapter! Wise words, hope they will bring me some relief too :)


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