Monday, March 17, 2014

go GREEN or go HOME

Happy Saint Patrick's Day to everybody who's celebrating! Yes, I do realize day is coming to an end (at least here on the East Coast), but thought it wouldn't hurt to say it one more time, while March 17th is still here.

Now, because Mondays are work days (again, at least here, for me), I did my share of partying in full green pride on Saturday. Today was a little more mellow, actually, it was a snow day... Buuut, instead of being put down by weather, I decided to organize my photos (neverending story). That way I came across some gems from the party I attended a while ago, so thought it would be more than appropriate to post them, since I was wearing something green (well, the dress was in teal, but still) & that night was all about celebrating (%if % you % know % what % I % mean % ) - and so is Saint Patrick's Day.

There's my 'green' Guess dress. The color in the picture came out different than it is in reality, sorry. And while we are on this subject... Looking for photos of some green outfits I realized that only clothes I own and can be considered green relatives are only this teal dress, a (also) teal faux leather jacket and one Eagles shirt...

Yessss, I was captured holding drinks throughout the entire night. I'm surprised that these pictures were not taken on the actual St Patrick's Day. Looks like I did something right that day ;)

Good night!


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