Tuesday, March 18, 2014


So here we are. Middle of March (still noticeable traces of snow in the backyard), month from going away to enjoy some time off spring breaking (aka getting wild). Up until today I thought I had no plans, but opportunities have a tendency to rise up from nowhere when we least expect them... Needless to say, a month from now I might be enjoying some serious sun times on the other coast.
But while I'm still here, I thought I'd dwell a little on my last year's spring break. Let's just say that it was 10 full days of non stop adventure. That year (hence, it was my first spring break in the States), I decided I could kill two birds with one stone, and visit my friends on both coasts. What I thought, I put in action and booked flight tickets from Philly to LA, Ca, from LA to Tampa, Florida. As easy as that.
Note: I have way too many pictures from that trip. No wonder I won't cover all of the places I've been to. I tried to keep this post simple, but it is, what it is, ha!

Even though my California adventure started out in LA > Irvine, I'll start pictures from our next stop. That is San Diego. Pacific Beach. Breakfast at Woody's. What would I give to be able to have breakfasts with a view like that more often...

 Pacific Beach, San Diego, California

 Newport Beach, CA
On the road to Laguna Beach, CA.I love the rusty feel of this picture.
 South Crescent Bay

 Oh, hey Mexican food. I could enhale you every day of my life.

 Laguna Beach

 My very first Disney adventure.

 Soaking up the sun on my last day in California. Newport Beach.

 Slightly windier weather over here...

 Thanks to my dear friend's kindness, I was able to check out some portable classrooms down in Florida at the high school he's teaching.

 Stop by to support exotic wildlife right in the neighborhood.

 Love these.

 Drove to Saint Petersburg to check out the location of Harmony Korine's movie Spring Breakers.

 Enjoyed some Polish goodies.

 Chased after the sun....

 Traveled accordingly (if you saw Spring Breakers, you know what I mean).

Clearwater, Florida

And that would be it for now!

Now off to dreaming about my next sunny adventures...


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