Saturday, April 25, 2015


Good morning!

Anyone here who likes buying affordable pieces that still look fashionable? Well, then this post is for You!

As you already know, I like coming across a good sale in a store but even more, I love finding affordable clothing in places where you wouldn't normally look for them. When you think fashion, Walmart probably would not come to your mind, yet if you look close enough, you can find many great pieces for your wardrobe. I'll do a separate post on things I bought from this supermarket so you can see what I'm talking about.

Today's number is a dress I found at Walgreens! As any drugstore, Walgreens has sections with products of mainly anything you could need at the moment, so sure enough, it must have clothes, too. I highly recommend checking that part of the store from time to time because you never know what you can find! This maxi dress is wonderful for spring and summer, it's so comfortable, plus you can never go wrong with pastels!

For those who care about the quality the most, drugstore's apparel wouldn't be the place to go. 
To me, a $15 maxi dress that looks like this one is a win win situation anyway.

What do you think about apparel shopping at a drugstore?

A special appearance by my favorite baby girl. How gorgeous does she look with her Baby GAP dress against mine? #matching

Baby GAP purple dress

Walgreens maxi dress
Forever 21 statement necklace (HERE)


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