Saturday, April 4, 2015


Last round of pictures from our cross country trip is here!

To make sure you follow/ed all of the posts about our adventures in about six different cities, click on the label: CROSS COUNTRY here or on the right bar of the blog.

Back to Vegas, though. I admit, I didn't think I'm going to like this city. I thought it's too superficial to me, almost too fake. I couldn't be more wrong! Even though most of the people visit Las Vegas to party, it is a unique conglomerate of  architecture and people. Oh, and let's not forget bright lights!

I definitely need to plan another visit to  Vegas as our last stay went by really fast. We were tired after traveling from city to city (mostly on the bus) for over two weeks straight, and frankly at that point were ready to go home.

You know what they say, we needed a vacation from a vacation!

Speaking of vacations, today I'm leaving for a well deserved sunny California!

Let the spring break begin!

By the way, if it wasn't for our bus driver (the Polish guy who drove us back from Grand Canyon), we wouldn't be able to see as much of Las Vegas as we did. Because he knew we were Polish, too, he made sure to drop all of the other tourists first, and take us to our hotel last. I'm so grateful for meeting him, it's always nice to meet other Polish people in America and get to know their story. 

Happy Easter, loves!


  1. Hey Paulina, so jealous!!! Really looking forward to seeing more from Cali ;)

    1. Hello! Thank You so much for stopping by! California is so picture perfect (as usual), can't wait to post about it! In the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram under @shenaniganska where I post pictures from Cali regularly!

      Have a great day, beautiful!


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