Wednesday, April 15, 2015

L.A.TRAVEL DIARY: Easter Sunday in Malibu

Good morning loves! I hope everybody is enjoying a better weather we have been blessed with recently on the East Coast! I'm back from California and ready to start reporting my experiences from the other side of the country ;)

First up, my Easter Sunday. 

Ever since I moved to America almost 3 years ago, I decided to devote time each holiday for traveling and exploring. Since I can't really spend my holidays with my closest family right now, I try to be busy and distract myself so I won't get homesick. Let me tell you, it does a trick! Distraction is the key. And when you have beautiful views like those in Malibu, California in front of you, life sure gets another perspective. 

Easter brunch at Moonshadows in Malibu. A great meal with a view - an ultimate attraction.

As for the celebrity sightings, we actually saw a former SNL comedian Cheri Oteri having brunch few tables down from us. It's funny when we found out it was her and stared a little, she actually waved back and smiled at my friend, which totally caught her off guard, haha!

Easter brunch: Lamb with purple mashed potatoes, asparagus and carrots... a bomb!

And a few of the desserts we were able to try out: strawberry cheesecake and a fabulous crème brûlée.

Forever 21 dress


  1. Jaki słodziak z Ciebie na ostatnim zdjęciu! <3

    1. aaaaaw dzieki babe, staralam sie bardzo :P


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